About Us

Marianne Kaars Sijpesteijn-Bos

Studied Fine Art at the KABK in The Hague, majoring in painting and print making. Graduated in 2006.

Haagse Kunstenaars

Danielle Davidson

Studied Fine Art at the Minerva Academy in Groningen. Majoring in painting, drawing, and printmaking, she graduated in 2003. She followed a teacher training programme in art at the HKU in Utrecht in 2004-2006. In 2008 she got a masters in fine arts at the ArtEZ academy in Enschede.


Sophie Kaars Sijpesteijn

Studied Stories and Design at ArtEZ Zwolle with a major in Animation Design, graduating in 2012. She went on to get a master of fine arts in Design and Technology at the New School in New York, 2014, and in 2015 she studied 3D animation at Bournemouth University for a year.


Searching for other approaches to public engagement Marianne and Danielle developed the six meter square space of Marianne’s studio as a window display gallery for colleagues to occupy and develop their art in for short, determined intervals of time.
The space was baptized Corneroh, being on the corner of the street and the ‘oh’ was added for cheerful emphasis.

Marianne, who tentatively at first, envisioned the idea, was inspired by the space itself and the thought of engaging non suspecting passersby to look through the windows.

Danielle imagined Corneroh from the start as a perfect platform for performances and live action film projection. She linked Corneroh to Hoogtij, the Contemporary Art tour of The Hague that takes place four times yearly.

Sophie who joined the group later, saw potential for animation and comic making initiatives. She professionalized the website and gave Corneroh a logo.

And so Corneroh came into being: a non commercial art initiative meant to give exposure to the artists invited by the threesome.

Corneroh is 201 cm wide, 372 cm in length, and 288cm high